We serve both consultancy (analysis, solutions and action plans) as Executive consulting, or take charge of carrying out the implementation of the action plans.

Financial and economic diagnosis of the company

Evolution, evaluation and analysis of the financial statement

Based on the key issues survey of your company we will be able to define which are the most pertinent solutions to achieve the proposed goals.

In this process it is essential to have a very good communication for the subsequent implementation of the action plan in the most optimal way.

– Financing the working capital

– Capitalization of the company

– Performance and profitability

– Analysis of margins by product/customer/channel

Define the appropriate solutions based on the diagnosis prior

  • Action Plan: Defining the time horizon of the measures and supporting the company     during this period.
  • Analysis of the financial needs for companies with plans for growth in the short term

Development and implementation of a budget management system adequate to the company, easy tracking and allows at any time

  • Analysis of deviations from the initial budget
  • System roll-out that allows us to adjust the budget based on new circumstances that the company has to face, and deviations that arise
  • Action plan to try to close the budget gap

Development and implementation of management control system and reporting with the following characteristics

  • That goes beyond of the pure financial figures
  • Key Performance indicators financial, logistics, quality
  • Prepare a matrix where all the key indicators of the company are displayed by including their current values and targets, and the corresponding actions plan.
  • Develop and implement cost system calculations, based on standards and appropriate to the company.

Assessment of investment projects

  • New machines/products/channels/customers
  • Financing of these projects
  • Profitability evaluation
  • Comparison between different projects: which generates more value for the shareholders in the given time horizon

Detailed analysis of the internal processes of the company

  • Are those processes robust enough to preserve the assets of the company in all the internal logistic chain?
  • Are all the existing processes defined?
  • Saving time and money if we can redefine or redesign.
  • Are the existing processes followed?
  • Meet those processes the standards to prevent fraud? Segregation of duties, 4 eye`s principle , double joint signatures for payments, payments to third parties, control of travel expenses, etc..

Business Restructuring and reorganizations processes

Carried out with a full team of professionals (economist and lawyers)

Companies have a longer life than its organization. Organizations based on product, assets and market usually get obsolete when those basics get obsolete as well.

Expected increase in productivity and profitability through restructuring or reorganization.

Interim management

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Accounting management

We can perform for you the accounting management of your company (Accounting, suppliers, customers …) and also the tax management  relating to its  activity : VAT, personal income tax, company income tax.

This accounting  and tax management combined with either an appropriate financial advice or financial management, can enhance your business, and  you can free up efforts to its core business.

Provide services for business internationalization in Latin America

  • Location
  • Procedures
  • Analysis of projects
  • Financial