Commercial area

The commercial area will advise you on legal issues encountered in different fields of activity and which affect both companies and individuals alike.

We can help you in commercial area into the following areas:

  • Bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes
  • Commercial contracts
  • Company restructuring
  • Acquisitions and mergers


When faced with an insolvency procedure, it is essential to evaluate the possible liability of the company’s management body. Our team members in this area of practice have become experts in conducting pre-insolvency reviews to detect and assess such risks and propose the appropriate corrective measures.


  • The opening of proceedings pursuant to that established in section 5.3 of the Spanish Insolvency Act, in circumstances of actual insolvency, which enable the insolvent party to file an advance proposal and eliminate the insolvency status as quickly as possible
  • Petitioning for creditors’ meetings on behalf of individuals and corporate bodies
  • Assistance in the procedure to determine the insolvent party’s degree of liability for the insolvency
  • Defence against actions filed under section 71 of the Spanish Insolvency Act
  • Preparation of proposals to creditors, and feasibility plans
  • Advice on and formalisation of advance proposals to creditors
  • Termination of employment due to insolvency