With Bufet Gambús you will have a team of professional, close and accessible lawyers in Barcelona, who will offer you the best possible advice, suitable to your personal and financial circumstances when you need legal, financial or economic assistance.

Thanks to our experience in civil, commercial and labour fields, we are your solution for legal problems or consultations. At Bufet Gambús we always work with the greatest agility, honesty and high resolution. Contact us now to study your case without any commitment. At our Barcelona law firm we will be pleased to help you.


Learn more about the solutions we offer on human resource management (recruitment, collective bargaining, arbitration and more). Count on our specialists.


Our services

Employment area

We are specialists in employment contracts, human resources, collective bargaining, arbitration, S.S., seting up companies, etc.

Civil area

Our lawyers firm based in Barcelona will assist you in everything related to the company, family, recruitments, urban planning, and more.

Commercial area

Our professionals will guide you through commercial contracts, acquisitions and mergers, company restructuring, etc.


Our team will help you with financial diagnostic, design and implementation of management systems (costs, budgets, internal processes), investment projects and so on.