Our firm

Bufet Gambús was founded in 1981 by the lawyer Xavier Gambús i Picart. His roots were in the public administration, which he had represented before the courts on numerous occasions before taking leave of absence to move to the private sector. Since then the firm has grown and consolidated its specialisation in labour law, at the same time as it has recruited other professionals and earned a reputation as one of Barcelona’s most prestigious lawyer’s office.

We have broadened our client base with both national and international individuals and enterprises, while carving a niche in the field of collective bargaining and the restructuring of companies affected by the crisis, as well as in the special labour conditions of senior executives. The firm’s scope of activity also extends to other areas of law (civil, family, commercial, tax, and so on), and currently offers comprehensive consultancy services in which clients receive a fast and effective response to all their needs, appropiate for a lawyer’s office.

Our policy is one of proximity and trust with our clients. We provide them with direct, personalised attention from the qualified professional appointed to defend their interests in the most constant and efficient manner possible.

We undertake continuing training and supply clients with regular information regarding new legislative developments, above all those which prove useful in their particular case.

When necessary, we call upon specialist collaborators both from the legal profession as well as from other disciplines who we can consult to deliver a better service, coordinated by us and in line at all times with the needs of our clients.



At Bufet Gambús we help our clients defend their interests and carry out their business operations with legal certainty through quality legal advice aimed at maximising success in every instance.

To fulfil this mission:

  • We have an excellent team of highly-qualified professionals with vast experience.
  • We provide a service based upon responsibility and ensuring availability and accessibility.


Our aim is to consolidate our position and maintain the high level of professional expertise achieved to date, constantly adapting to the new legislative, social and technological circumstances which affect the day-to-day life of our clients.